Sabke Ram: Teachings from the life of Lord Ram

2024/01/20 07:44:02 IST

Duty and Responsibility

    Lord Ram was the eldest son of King Dasharatha. It was anticipated that he would succeed his father as king. However, Lord Ram gladly accepted his 14-year of exile. This illustrates the most crucial component of a persons life is carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

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    By working hard and being dedicated, we can conquer any hurdle that stands in our way, as demonstrated by Lord Rams persistence and will.

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Compassion and Kindness

    Lord Ram was renowned for showing kindness and compassion to all living things. He showed dignity and respect to all people, irrespective of their social standing.

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Self-Control and Discipline

    We can learn from Lord Rams self-control and discipline that is essential to success in life and that we should constantly work to manage our impulses and desires.

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Loyalty and Devotion

    Lord Ram’s life teaches us loyalty and devotion which are important virtues. This makes us understand that we should always remain faithful to our loved ones, even in difficult times.

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Value of Relationships

    Lord Ram’s life teaches us the value of family and relationships and tells us that one should always cherish and nurture them.

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Humility and Modesty

    Despite being great warrior and kind, Lord Ram’s life teaches us that we should always remain humble and grounded, regardless of our status or achievements.

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Trust and Faith

    Even after his life as full of trials and tribulations, Lord Ram’s life teaches us that we should never loose trust and faith.

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