5 Saree Looks of Nirmala Sitharaman's from Past Budget Union Days

2024/01/31 13:26:28 IST

Meet The Finance Minister of India

    Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will be presenting the Budget Union for another year tomorrow February 1st.

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Presenting Union Budget

    This will be her 6th time presenting the Budget Union. Budget Union 2019 was the first time she took on the duty.

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Saree Love

    Each year she is seen carrying a traditional style saree with elegance. Let us have a look at her outfits from the past Budget Union days.

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Budget Union 2019

    She donned a bright pink Mangalagiri saree with a gold border, along with an identically colored top.

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Budget Union 2020

    She chose to wear a blue-bordered silk saree that are a solid yellow-gold color. She paired the saree with a matching blouse.

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Budget Union 2021

    She was dressed in a traditional Telangana Pochampalli ikal silk saree, which was red and off-white with a green border.

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Budget Union 2022

    She was dressed in a traditional Odisha-style Bomkai saree, which was red and brown in color.

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Budget Union 2023

    The Minister of Finance of India looked lovely in a crimson saree made of handwoven Ilkal silk with a black and golden border.

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