7 Business mantras to help you make more money


    Success in business doesnt have to involve complicated new techniques. Here are 7 simple business mantras to help you make more money.

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Do it your own way

    Learn from others but follow your own path. Every journey is unique-be agile and flexible but maintain your determination to succeed.

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Don't stagnate, innovate

    Keep your ear close to the ground-use competitor and market data to keep your business competitive.

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Know your market and customers

    Know your market, its segmentation and your position in it. Constantly ensure you know your customers wants and needs.

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Build strong brand

    Brand is everything-Strong brands stimulate desire. Build a compelling and valuable brand and work tirelessly to promote it.

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Focus on quality

    Dont concentrate on price. The customers you really want are the ones who focus on quality, service and long-term value.

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Be lean and mean

    Maximise income and minimise costs. Relentlessly seek out wasteful activities in all its forms. Embrace a culture of continous improvement and involve everyone in its development.

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Plan, Plan, Plan

    If it takes a man 4 hours to chop down a tree, he should spent the first 3 hours sharpening the axe. Create practical plans with defined actions.

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