From Vietnam to UAE: Which Country Owns Most CRYPTOCURRENCIES

2024/05/08 17:11:15 IST

7. Saudi Arabia

    With 11.4% of its population involved in cryptocurrency ownership, Saudi Arabia reflects a burgeoning interest in digital assets among its tech-savvy populace, despite regulatory caution and conservative financial norms.

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6. Brazil

    Brazil registers a 12% ownership rate, showcasing a growing interest in cryptocurrencies within South Americas largest economy, driven by factors like economic instability, currency devaluation, and a desire for financial inclusion.

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5. Philippines

    With 13.4% of its population owning cryptocurrency, the Philippines emerges as a key player in the global crypto landscape, buoyed by factors such as remittance reliance, tech-savvy youth, and a growing interest in digital financial solutions.

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4. Iran

    Despite facing economic challenges and regulatory constraints, Iran still sees 13.5% of its population engaged in cryptocurrency ownership, indicating a resilient interest in digital assets amidst fluctuating financial landscapes.

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3. United States (US)

    With 15.6% of its populace invested in cryptocurrency, the United States demonstrates a notable adoption rate, driven by a combination of widespread access to technology, investment culture, and evolving regulatory frameworks.

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2. Vietnam

    At 21.2%, Vietnam boasts a significant portion of its population embracing cryptocurrencies, reflecting the growing interest in digital financial alternatives among its tech-forward citizens, despite regulatory uncertainties.

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1. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    With 30.4% of its population owning cryptocurrency, the United Arab Emirates stands out as one of the leading adopters of digital assets in the Middle East, fueled by its tech-savvy population and favorable regulatory environment.

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