Gaming Zones In India: Important FACTS that you must KNOW

2024/05/26 10:48:21 IST

What is the law that governs the Gaming Zone in India?

    The Video Game Parlour License is regulated under the provisions of the Regulation for Licensing and Controlling Places of Public Amusement (Other than Cinemas) and performances for public amusement(Amendment), 1991.

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    A gaming zone owner needs to have a license to operate it. As per Section 15 of Registration for Licensing of Public Amusement, no such building or structure is permitted to allow public gathering for amusement unless owner or occupier have previously obtained a license.

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Process through which application passes

    First, the applicant will have to fill out an online application. This will be followed by scrutiny, clarification, internal processing, payment procedure, and finally grant of license.

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Condition that could lead to cancellation

    No license shall be granted unless the building or structure conforms to the rules and regulations of public safety.

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Necessary public safety norms

    Norms including fire safety and security in commercial buildings are critical aspects of property management and occupant safety. These must be maintained regularly, ensuring fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, and fire hoses are regularly inspected, maintained, and serviced by professionals.

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Installation of CCTV camera

    Install security cameras all over the facility to keep an eye on important locations and discourage illegal activity. Make sure that cameras are positioned appropriately to offer the best possible coverage.

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Things not permitted in Gaming zones

    The gaming zones shall not promote gambling, betting and other related acts that are deemed to be illegal. Also, laws including The Information Technology Act, 2000 deal with cyber activities that may have implications for online gaming and betting including those played in game zones.

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Contemporary problem related to gaming zones

    Several gaming zones in India have been operating under the guise of temporary structures, evading essential safety checks and NOCs. Sprouting up on private land, they readily evade safety norms as no separate regulations exist to govern them.

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