Meet Sunetra Pawar, who got clean chit in Rs 25,000 crore bank scam

2024/04/26 17:47:05 IST

Who is Sunetra Pawar?

    Sunetra Pawar is the founder of Environmental Forum of India, an NGO founded in 2010, and was a mentor in inculcating the concept of eco-village in India.


Involvement in social work

    Sunetra Pawar has been actively participating in the social work in Baramati.


Family background

    Sunetra Pawar is the daughter-in-law of Sharad Pawar, a prominent Indian politician and former Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

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Who is Sunetra's spouse?

    Sunetra Pawar is married to Ajit Pawar, who served as the deputy chief minister of Maharastra.

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Sunetra's Portfolio

    Despite being associated with a political family, Sunetra Pawar primarily focused on her career in public health and community welfare.


Mumbai police give clean chit to Supriya Sule

    She gained media attention again when reports emerged the Mumbai Police had given her a clean chit in an alleged ₹ 25,000-crore cooperative bank scam.

Credit: WikipediaSunetra Pawar vs Supriya Sule

Sunetra Pawar vs Supriya Sule

    Sunetra Pawar is contesting from the Baramati seat, a bastion of Sharad Pawar, against his daughter Supriya Sule, who is also her sister-in-law.

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What has Mumbai Police said in closure report?

    In the MSCB case, the investigating body has said that no criminal offense was made out in the transactions allegedly linked to Sunetra Pawar and his husband, Ajit Pawar.

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