Who will win if NOTA gets most votes?

2024/04/26 16:50:07 IST

The Definition

    The None of the Above (or NOTA) option allows voters to formally express their disapproval of all contesting candidates.

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NOTA option compulsory

    The Election Commission of India (ECI) was ordered to give voters a button to select none of the above after the Supreme Court of India decided on September 27, 2013.

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NOTA is neutral?

    In contrast to a negative vote, a NOTA vote is neutral and has no numerical value. It is ultimately discounted towards the final total.

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Location of NOTA

    On Indian electronic voting machines (EVMs), the None Of The Above button is situated at the bottom of the candidate list.

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    Despite the NOTA options zero numerical value, the 2013 Supreme Court judgment stated that including it would indeed compel the political parties to propose a sound candidate.

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Crucial Theory

    Crucial for election results, basically deducting votes from political parties; causing margins of victory to shift.

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The Answer

    The candidate who receives the second-highest number of votes is proclaimed the winner if NOTA votes garner the most votes in a constituency.

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