Bringing Rocks From Moon! China's Chang'e-6 Mission

China's Chang'e-6 Mission Overview

    - Objective: Collect rock and soil samples from the far side of the Moon. - Part of Chinas ambitious lunar exploration program. - Launched on May 3, 2024, via a Long March 5 rocket.

Landing Target and Mission Details

    - Targeting a landing in the southern Apollo crater within the SPA basin. - Aims to uncover valuable insights into lunar composition and history. - Weight: 3,200kg.

Primary Objective

    - Collect around 2 kg of material from 2 m below the lunar surface. - Material to be returned to Earth for analysis.

Technological Breakthroughs

    - Goals: Design and control technology of Moons retrograde orbit, intelligent sampling, take-off, and ascent technologies. - Automatic sample-return on the far side of the Moon.

Mission Evolution

    - Builds upon the success of Change-4 (2019) - first to land on the lunar far side. - Change-4s discoveries challenged existing assumptions about the Moons subsurface.

Scientific Significance

    - Potential insights into Moons mantle composition. - Could explain differences between near and far sides of the Moon.

Future Goals and Significance

    - Chinas lunar exploration program aims for a permanent lunar base through ILRS in the 2030s. - Change-6 signifies Chinas advancing capabilities in deep space exploration.

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