From smiling to driving: Totally normal activities that are BANNED in North Korea

North Korea

    North Korea is the most closed-off and secretive country in the world, but that doesnt mean we dont know about anything about it. Here are 7 things which are banned in Kim Jong Uns North Korea.

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    Everyone loves a smile. But what if there were laws on when you could do it? Sound nuts? Believe it or not, it’s against the law for North Koreans to smile on July 8, the anniversary of Kim Il-sung’s death.

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Using the Internet

    Can you imagine a world without the internet? Or someone telling you what websites you can and cannot access? It is against the law to use the global internet in North Korea. The government has strict controls over the internet and only allows a select few government officials, scientists, and students to have access to it.

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    Driving is not allowed in North Korea. If you’re a woman and need to get somewhere, you’re out of luck, that is, unless you have a male escort. Women are prohibited from driving entirely, even if they are working as traffic officers.

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Wearing Jeans

    Fashion is very much a part of who we are as individuals. It allows us to express ourselves in so many ways. The North Korean president has decided that skinny jeans are out, and you cannot wear skinny jeans in North Korea. Because they resemble a form of western civilization, they are banned.

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Choosing Your Profession

    Okay, so maybe we don’t all have the dream job we fantasized about as a child. But North Koreans really don’t get to choose. When first finishing high school, all citizens must join the military. Men stay for 10 years, and women stay until the age of 23. After the military, they are then assigned their life’s work.

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