If World War 3 happens... Safest countries to live in world

Iran-Israel conflict

    Iran’s attack on Israel, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Hamas’s attack on Israel, and the conflict between the United States and China are all making people around the world increasingly concerned about the threat of World War 3. Find out which countries could potentially become a safe place for people in the event of a global war.

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    Switzerland is currently considered as one of the safest countries in the world, given its economic, political and social stability.

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New Zealand

    New Zealand could be among the safest places on the planet in the event of World War 3. It is surrounded by water on all sides, have a temperate climate, and most importantly, no deepwater ports that could be used by enemy landing forces for attack and logistical purposes.

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    Indonesian Islands are a quiet and relatively safe place to survive in the event of a World War 3. It is also important that the islands have a well-developed agricultural sector, so Indonesia will not suffer from hunger if imports are cut off.

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South America

    The southern part of America, for example, Chile or Argentina, are quite isolated from the outside world, and therefore these regions will not be considered as a target in the event of World War 3.

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    Antarctica could probably be a salvation from the Third World War 3.

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