Meet Aliia Roza, Woman Who Claims To Be Former Russian S*X Spy

2024/04/30 19:41:33 IST

Former sex spy for Russia

    Aliia Roza who claims to a former sex spy for Russia was born in a Kazakh-Tatar family of a high-ranking military officer in the Soviet Union. She was sent to a be trained at a special government program.

Credit: Instagram/aliiaroza

Learning techniques to seduce men

    There she learnt all techniques to seduce men and has worked as a spy for Russia for years. She however chose to leave that life behind and fled Russia, almost a decade back.

Credit: Instagram/aliiaroza

Techniques for seduction

    In a tell-all interview the woman revealed the techniques used for seducing men and how she was trained to become a sex spy.

Credit: Instagram/aliiaroza

Training, techniques, targets

    She talked about her “training, techniques, targets and missions”. The woman revealed how she was trained to talk and act in a particular way in order to convince men into doing what she wanted them to do.

Credit: Instagram/aliiaroza

Roza's father

    Rozas father has been in the military for over 45 years. She was enrolled in a special government program for children of high-ranking officers.

Credit: Instagram/aliiaroza

Training from early age

    Her father told her that she did not have any other option, but to join the special government program. From a very early age, she was trained in martial arts and other strenuous physical activities.

Credit: Instagram/aliiaroza

Enrolled into sex program

    When she turned 18, she was enrolled into the sex program. Out of 350 students, Roza was chosen to be part of the top-secret program, which had been developed by former KGB psychologists and high-ranking officers.

Credit: Instagram/aliiaroza

What are sex spies taught?

    She said that the sex spies are taught specific things like the art of communication, how to dress up, how to put on makeup and how to present yourself to your target.

Credit: Instagram/aliiaroza

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