Most Corrupt LEADERS of all time: Discover 7 scandalous political figures

2024/05/24 15:45:46 IST

Ferdinand Marcos

    Marcoss decision to high expenditure on infrastructural projects pushed Philippines into a debt crisis leading to civil interest and rising political corruption which compelled him to declare martial law. This period lasted upto 1986 after which his reign ended. Later, due to his rising unpopularity and an uprising, he fled the country carrying along $717 million in cash, numerous crates of valuable physical objects, gold that he had illegally amassed during his reign including $5 to $10 billion cash from bank that he had reportedly stolen.

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Mobuto Sese Seko

    He was the president of Zaire for a period of extending more than 30 years. According to conservative estimates, he embezzled $5 billion directly from the state and used up all the funds for his extravagant lifestyle. He died in 1997, following a military coup without being prosecuted

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Slobodan Milosevic

    He rose to power becoming the president of Serbia in 1989, later he became the president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1997. He was arrested by the Yugoslav authorities on charges of corruption and embezzlement, allegedly of at least $1 billion that he had accumulated while he was in power.

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Sani Abacha

    The Nigerian President for five 5 years in the 1990s had allegedly set up fake government funding requests & directly robbed money from the countrys central bank. Later his New Jersey account was found to have $267 million, the total embezzlement was estimated to be $5 billion.

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Viktor Yanukovych

    Considered as one of the most corrupt leaders, Yanukovych was found guilty of several corrupt actions. He had held the positions of Prime Minister and President of Ukraine and was found to have used $220 million of state funds to set up his private communication company. Reportedly he stole around $1.5 billion in assets from the state property and used up public funds for his self-enjoyment.

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Alberto Fujimori

    He was elected the President of Peru in 1990 who had implemented the economic reforms in the country. He had adopted a dictator-like tendency after he had orchestrated a self-coup to oust opposition in the congress so that he could have voted unopposed. After his third win, his involvement in bribery was made public, following which he fled the country, only to return in 2005 to run for president election. But he was soon arrested in connection to embezzlement and human rights abuse.

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Mohamed Suharto

    He was the second president of Indonesia, serving the country for 31 years. He has been investigated for corruption numerous times especially when allegations surfaced after the economic downturn of Indonesia in 1997. He was accused of embezzling $571 million from the government.

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