6 Products That Are Banned Across The World But Sold Indiscriminately In India

Lifebuoy soap

    The soap which is quite popular in India but it is banned across the United States as they consider it to be harmful for the skin.

Credit: Lifebuoy

Red Bull

    The drink is easily available in India. However, it is banned in France and Denmark. In Lithuania also, the product is banned for people under the age of 18. The departments believe that this this drink promotes heart attack, dehydration and hypertension.

Credit: amazon

Unpasteurized Milk

    Unpasteurized milk that is easily available in India, is banned in the United States and Canada. It is prohibited as it contains active germs, could be dangerous for health and can cause serious health concerns.

Credit: rawpixel

Nimulid tablets

    The painkiller is banned in the US, Britain, Canada and Australia as it can adversely affect the liver, but is easily available at the drug stores in India.

Credit: rednirusmart


    One of the favorites food products in India, is banned across the US. World Health Organization has linked it to Salmonella poisoning.

Jelly candies

    Due to rise in choking in children, the sweet jellies are banned in US, Canada and Australia. They are considered to be harmful for health.

Credit: neepix

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