7 Amusing Creatures Found in Deep Oceans

2024/02/22 14:17:12 IST

1. The Blob (Sol blob, E blob)

    The gelatinous, translucent, bell-shaped body of this deep-sea jellyfish, which was found in the southern Indian Ocean in 2002, has captivated peoples attention. It is devoid of oral arms or tentacles. It feeds on microscopic plankton that drifts past and uses bioluminescent flashes to navigate the icy waters.

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2. Goblin Shark

    This deep-sea resident, known as the living fossil because of its similarity to prehistoric sharks, has a flattened snout with sensitive electroreception pits, rows of projecting, replaceable teeth, and translucent skin that is pinkish in color due to blood vessels visible.

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3. Vampire Squid

    This mollusk, which is found in oxygen-poor zones of the oceans deep, gets its name from the bioluminescent cape it unfurls to frighten away potential predators. In spite of its name, it feeds on marine snow, which is debris that falls from above, rather than actually sucking blood.

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4. Tardigrade

    This microscopic extremophile, often referred to as the water bear or moss piglet, is practically indestructible, withstanding severe temperatures, radiation, and even space vacuum. It can be found practically anywhere on Earth, even at the peaks of the highest mountains and in the deepest ocean tunnels.

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5. Nautilus

    After more than 500 million years, this living fossil is the only member of its once-diverse group to still exist. It employs water jets to drive itself, has a stunning chambered shell, and manipulates itself with hundreds of suckers on its tentacles.

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6. Anglerfish

    This deep-sea species females use a bioluminescent fishing rod that protrudes from their heads to entice prey. They can swallow prey that is several times their own size and have the greatest gape-to-body size ratio of any vertebrate.

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7. Manta Ray

    With wingspans of up to thirty feet, these gentle giants are the largest filter feeders in the ocean. With their uniquely designed mouthparts, they glide through the water with grace while filtering plankton.

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