7 Harsh truths about Corporate life every fresher should know

Corporate life

    Twenties are the time when most of us take up on our first jobs. Even though its great to finally start earning and be on your own corporate life is nothing like we imagine it to be in our younger years. Here are harsh truths about corporate life nobody will ever tell you.

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Truth no 1

    You dont have friends . You have colleagues. Know the difference.

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Truth no 2

    The manager who is laughing on your jokes today, will use the same against you during appraisals.

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Truth no 3

    You are replaceble . The sooner you understand, the better for your mental peace.

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Truth no 4

    Learn to say “No”. The more you maintain silence the more they will exploit you .

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Truth no 5

    However talented you are in MNCs if you dont switch, you wont get what you really deserve.

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Truth no 6

    Dont prioritize your work at the cost of your family. You will have nothing but regrets later.

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Truth no 7

    Remember apart from learning , your only aim should be to earn more. If you feel you are not getting compensated fairly just leave. Team dinners / parties / gifts are just tiny bribes to keep you happy.

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