7 Parenting Blunders That Can Make Your Kid 'Spoiled Brat'

2024/05/22 16:34:07 IST

Overprotective Parenting

    Shielding children from all difficulties and challenges prevents them from learning how to handle disappointment and failures. Let the kid find solutions for problems on their own. Do not try to conceal their wrongful acts rather teach them the right ethics.

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Neglectful Parenting

    Lack of attention and involvement can lead children to seek out negative behaviors for attention, feeling entitled to it when it finally comes. Parents must not neglect childrens slightest mistake or change in behaviour. They must educate, inform and persuade them to achieve various aims and ambitions.

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Conflict-Avoidant Parenting

    Avoiding confrontation and giving in to a childs demands to keep peace can teach children that tantrums and bad behavior get them what they want.

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Reward-Based Parenting

    Constantly bribing children with rewards to get them to behave or perform tasks can foster a sense of entitlement and a transactional view of relationships.

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Authoritarian Parenting

    Overly strict and controlling parents may provoke rebellion or sneakiness, and the lack of freedom can cause children to feel entitled to special treatment elsewhere.

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    While fulfilling the basic needs of children is an obligation for all parents, they must not overdo. Children from wealthy families may have access to a wide range of material possessions that might inculcate within them a feeling of superiority, sense of entitlement or privilege.

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    Excessive leniency, providing children with everything they want without setting limits or expectations, can lead to entitlement and lack of self-discipline

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