7 Signs that reveal if you have OCD or not?

2024/04/27 00:06:08 IST

Same Spot Cleaning

    A washer is someone who feels compelled to clean constantly, even if it is the same area repeatedly, and this is a subset of people with obsessive compulsive behavior disorder.

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Counting Everything

    Some individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder appear to find comfort in patterns or numbers, frequently performing chores in particular ways related to particular numbers, such as odd/even.

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Fear of Harm

    It is okay to fear harm for yourself or your loved ones as long as it is within a fair range; the important thing to watch out for is when these fears start to bother you and interfere with your life.

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Sticking onto Relationships

    Individuals suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder frequently obsessively focus on specific facets of friendships or relationships, delving into minute details about their interactions with others.

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OOTD Check

    In OCD, some people experience body dysmorphic disorder, a disorder in which they fixate on a particular negative element of themselves. People focus on their dissatisfaction for hours each day while gazing in the mirror.

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It belongs here!

    OCD sufferers have a tendency to overreact, arranging things a certain way or thinking that particular items belong in particular places.

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Reassuarance all the time

    Individuals may attempt to get confirmation regarding certain issues from their role models or peers; however, when this behavior spirals out of control, it may become problematic.

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