7 signs to help you instantly identify TOXIC partner

Toxic relationship

    A toxic relationship has more bad than good, and you may feel constant tension, misunderstood, attacked, or event mentally or physically unsafe. Here are 7 signs that indicate you are toxic partner.

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Love Bombing

    Love bombing is a behavior often seen in people who have narcissistic or borderline personality disorders. At first, it may be exciting that a new partner is so eager to be with you, but then things may start of feel off.

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Constant stress

    All relationships have conflict at some point or another, but if you are feeling constant stress, its prbably not a healthy dynamic. You might feel like its not easier not to tell others about certain behaviors.

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    Gaslighting is a type of manipulation that happens over an extended period where one person causes the other to question their thoughts, memories, and even how they perceive reality. Gaslighting is usually a red flag for spotting people who are manipulators.

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    Lying, especially at the beginning of a relationship, can be an indicator of bigger problems in the relationship.

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Being dismissive

    In healthy relationships, people may attention to each others needs. Being dismissive could look like not willing to be involved in some other interests that a partner has. Dismissive behavior is not simply forgetting to attend an event after agreeing to it.

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Make you feel drained

    A relationship is supposed to bring you peace and comfort. If your partner makes you feel drained and out of energy by their conversations or presence, you might never truly be able to cherish that bond.

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They don't bring out best in you

    One of the foremost things to expect in a relationship with a friend or partner is that they accept you as an individual with all your flaws and mannerisms.

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