7 Things Women Would Never Want To Hear

2024/04/25 22:35:22 IST

Wanna head back to my place?

    It is very evident when a man asks a woman if she wants to come to his place that he is anticipating something to happen. It is preferable to be more ambiguous and less clear in this regard.

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You will wear this!?

    This could be a mans not-so-subtle way of telling a woman that he does not consider her to look well in that particular attire. And you can be certain that is how she will interpret it.

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You should calm down!

    Though it may seem sensible at first, the advice is not really helpful. Alternatively, consider what you may say or do that could truly have a chance of helping her relax.

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Unintentional 'EX'

    There is really nowhere good to go with a phrase that begins like this. She can question whether the man should be concentrating on her instead of thinking about his ex all the time.

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Its Just a Guy Thing

    Men say so many harmless things that they never even consider the possibility that they could offend someone or provoke an outburst of rage. The comment will most likely be interpreted as demeaning by women

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Gained Weight?

    As much as it is emphasized, a guy can frequently ask inquiries that he asks in an entirely innocent manner. Only a man with such poor judgment to say such a thing most likely deserves what comes after he says it.

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Your Sister Looks 'AMAZING'

    Until you are asked, do not discuss other womens appearances. Regardless of how attractive the other woman is, keep things low.

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