7 tips to become more productive


    Productivity is a term often used in business settings, though it can actually apply to all areas of life. Here are 7 tips to become more productive at work.

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Stop multitasking

    Its often tempting to try and multitask, juggling numerous workday tasks at any one time. While this may feel productive, it rarely produces the best results.

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Set small goals

    Large tasks or projects can feel intimidating and we often overestimate how long they will take to complete. You can create forward momentum by breaking tasks down into manageable, bite-sized milestones, which build until your project is complete.

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Take a break

    It may seem strange to suggest taking breaks when talking about being productive at work, but regular breaks actually help decrease stress and increase productivity.

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The five-minute rule

    If procrastination is a big challenge for you, try the five-minute rule. By promising yourself that you will spend just five minutes on an outstanding task, you eliminate many of the excuses that stop you from starting.

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Time blocking

    Using time blocks is an established and well-known productivity strategy. By creating time block frames in your workday schedule, you make the conscious decision to dedicate a ‘block’ of time to a certain task.

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    If you work as part of a team, look at your daily tasks and consider if any can be delegated to other team members. Often, we take on work that is outside our remit or can be done far quicker by others.

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Limit distractions

    Becoming distracted is very normal, and focus doesn’t always come naturally. However, it is a skill that can be developed. Turn your notifications off, switch your phone to aeroplane mode, or use a productivity app like Freedom.

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