Are You Eating Right? Government Releases Alternatives For High-Calorie Food Items

Dietary Guidelines for Indians

    The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has mentioned healthy alternatives for high-calorie food items, on the official X handle.

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What is a Healthy meal?

    A healthy meal includes a generous amount of vegetables, adequate grains, pulses and beans, along with moderate proportions of nuts and seeds and fermented foods, including fresh yogurt or curd.

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Why do we need a balanced diet?

    A balanced diet can be achieved by eating a variety of foods since there is no single food item with all the essential nutrients. Physical activity and exposure to Sunlight to obtain Vitamin D are also recommended.

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Limit Sugar and Salt Intake

    It is advised to reduce the intake of sugar and salt on the diet and avoid beverages added with artificial sweeteners.

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Limit fats and oils

    One should consume fats and oil at a limit, excessive usage can lead to health problems.

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Develop healthy eating habits

    Use combinations of whole grains like cereals, pulses and millet. Prefer vegetables on the plate. Include eggs, meat, milk, and other dairy products in the diet.

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Avoid processed foods

    It suggested eating salads and sprouts instead of pizza, doughnuts and hotdogs; nuts and seeds instead of deep-fried snacks; whole fruits instead of consuming fresh fruit juices and homemade chutneys and dips instead of jams and sauces.

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    Develop healthy eating habits along with regular exercise and be physically active to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

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