Love or Infatuation? 7 Ways to know if you have found your DREAM partner

2024/06/05 14:37:46 IST

Love or infatuation?

    Love is a feeling of internal happiness which is considered to be more stable and long-lived. On the other side, infatuation is merely an attraction that may be felt towards someone who would ultimately fail the test of time.

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Do not fall for lust

    Infatuation is often lust, just physical attraction and driven by sexual pleasures. On the other side, love is made up of pure feelings where you connect emotionally, physically and beyond sexual needs.

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Craving for their presence

    When in love our body releases chemicals called Oxytocin, known as the bonding chemical and dopamine which compel individuals to become emotionally and physically closer to another person. So if you start missing your partner harder, know that you have fallen in love.

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    If your partner is selfless, puts your needs first and aims to build a long-term relationship with you, marry or achieve various goals with you, know that they are truly connected with you.

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Beyond obsession

    Infatuation is more like obsession which fades over some time. On the other side, if your partner is not just obsessed but admirable about your traits, qualities, personality and associated factors which are beyond physical attractions, know that he/she is the perfect fit.

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Never bored

    People who are usually attracted towards others for bodily pleasures, get bored after their needs are satisfied. So try to know if your partner how your partner feels when you are around, their talk, feelings about you. If they genuinely love you, they will never get bored of you.

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Timeless affection

    Partners who develop a timeless affection can be truly classified as lovers. Try to understand your partners activities, if they can survive without you in long distance relationship. Spot signs that are important to test the timeliness of your relationship

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