No tears? Know these 7 preventive measures to deal with dry eyes

2024/06/07 11:56:08 IST

Avoid air blowing your eyes

    Do not use appliances like hair dryers or hand fans, bringing them extremely close to your eyes. Additionally try to stay away from car heaters, and air conditioners, preventing the air from reaching your eyes.

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Position your computer rightly

    If your computer screen is above eye level, then you will have to open your eyes wider to view it. So always position your computer screen below eye level to slow down the evaporation.

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Be cautious about the environment

    The air at high altitudes, in desert areas and aeroplanes is usually extremely dry, adversely impacting your eyes. So it is advised to frequently close your eyes for a few minutes at a time to minimize evaporation of your tears and prevent dry eyes.

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Consider wearing wraparound sunglasses

    To protect your eyes from dirt, and harmful rays, you can add safety shields to the top and sides of eyeglasses to block wind and dry air. You can easily get these from optical shops.

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Take eye breaks

    Do not overburden your eyes. While reading or doing a task that requires visual connection, take breaks at regular intervals. You can either opt for meditating or simply close your eyes.

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Stop smoking

    Your health is wealth. You must be aware of the harmful effects of smoking. If you do not smoke, try staying away from people who do as it can have an impact on your eyes.

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Use artificial tears

    If you have chronic dry eyes, use eye drops regularly to keep your eyes well-lubricated.

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