Pregnancy essentials: 7 ultimate SUMMER tips for MOMs-TO-BE

2024/05/26 12:53:25 IST

Stay hydrated

    Hydration is of immense importance. Stay as cool as possible. Eat fruits like watermelon, and incorporate cucumber and coconut water in your diet to fight dehydration.

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Avoid sun

    Do not stay under the direct sunlight. If you decide to step out for any reason, do not forget to wear sunglasses, apply sunscreen, and carry a sunhat.

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    Oil massages and cold-pressed coconut oil can help you moisturize the skin and keep it rejuvenated.

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Stay relaxed

    Try to avoid overworking during the summer. Pregnancy can be tiring, so rest often. Swelling of ankles, feet and fingers because of excess retention of water can be avoided by keeping your feet loose and in an elevated position. This will improve blood circulation.

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Choose your clothes wisely

    Wear vibrant, loose, and comfy clothes during your pregnancy. Dark clothes like black and red can make you feel hotter, therefore lighter shades of beige and white reflect the suns rays. Linen and cotton are preferred over synthetic materials.

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Eat light

    Avoid salty and spicy food as that can increase your body temperature. Ensure frequent, light and nutritious meals to help yourself combat the complexibilities involved during summer.

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Excercise at the right time

    While pregnant women should exercise at proper intervals, you must keep the time in mind. Swimming, yoga and walking can be extremely helpful during such times but remember that it must be done early morning or in the evening when the temperature is low.

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