Regrow your hair in 3 weeks! 8 Natural ways to treat baldness

2024/06/09 10:33:12 IST

Onion juice

    Hair growth can be aided by onion juice. Its been used for ages as a natural treatment for hair growth and loss. Because of its high sulfur content, which promotes circulation and blood flow to the scalp, it lessens baldness.

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Essential oil

    Naturally formulated products are extremely helpful in helping hair growth and reducing hair loss. Essential oils such as peppermint are good topical treatments to use for hair loss.


    Take vitamin supplements including vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron for reducing hair loss and regenerating growth. This is additionally helpful in boosting our immune system and also supports the hair regrowth process.

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Have a balanced diet

    A poor diet can not only hurt your health but can be equally detrimental to your hair. Foods known to encourage hair growth include spinach, eggs, fish, and avocados. So add food items rich in proteins, Omega-3 and vitamin A in your diet for best results.

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Massaging the scalp

    You must massage the scalp with natural oils which helps stimulate hair follicles and increase blood circulation, boosting your hair growth.

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Rosemary oil

    Rosemary oil contains carnosic acid which is good for hair regrowth. Studies suggest that this oil may be as effective as minoxidil for treating androgenetic alopecia. You can mix a few drops of it into carrier oil, like argan or jojoba and massage your hair.

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Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera can be helpful in soothing the scalp, conditioning the hair, and reducing dandruff which is also one of the major causes of hairfall and unblocking hair follicles.

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Ditch chemicals

    Switch from your chemical-rich products to organic products which can be helpful in regrowth.

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