Residential Plot vs Flat! Which is more beneficial as long term asset?

Residential Plot

    The choice between investing in a residential plot or flats depends on various factors, including your financial goals, risk tolerance, and market conditions. Here are some points to consider for each option:

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Appreciation Potential

    Over the long term, land tends to appreciate in value, especially in developing areas or locations with high demand. Whereas a residential plot might offer better appreciation over the long term, especially if its in a developing or prime location.

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    Owning a plot gives you flexibility in terms of construction. You can build a house or other structures according to your preferences and needs whereas it may not possible in flat.

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Maintenance Costs

    Generally, plots have lower maintenance costs compared to constructed properties like flats or houses.

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    Selling land might take longer than selling a flat, as finding the right buyer can be more challenging.

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Rental Income

    Flats can generate regular rental income. If youre looking for regular rental income, flats may be more beneficial due to their immediate income-generating potential.

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Immediate Use

    Flats are ready for occupation, so you can start earning or living in them without the delay of construction. But in plot you have to wait until it is completely built.

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    Flats typically require ongoing maintenance and may be subject to association fees or other costs as compared to houses built on individual plots.

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Risk Tolerance

    Flats may have more immediate returns but also come with tenant management and property maintenance responsibilities. Plots, on the other hand are potentially less liquid, may have lower ongoing costs and management requirements.

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