Safety Measures To Follow During An Earthquake


    An earthquake is a natural event which results in the shaking of the earth. This happens due to a sudden release of tremendous energy.

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Stay informed

    Keep yourself informed about earthquake risks in your region. Sign up for local emergency alerts and notifications.

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Stay indoors

    If you are indoors during an earthquake, stay there. Avoid running outside as falling debris can be hazardous. Keep away from windows, mirrors, glass and walls.

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If Outdoors

    Move away from buildings, streetlights, and utility wires. Find an open area and drop to the ground.

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If Driving

    Pull over to a safe spot away from buildings, overpasses, and trees. Stay away inside the vehicle until the shaking stops. Be cautious of road hazards and falling debris.

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If you are in a mountainous area

    Watch out for falling rock, landslides, trees, and other debris that could be loosened by quakes.

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Check for gas leaks

    After the earthquake, check for gas leaks and turn off the gas if necessary. Avoid using open flames, matches, or lighters until you are certain its safe.

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Be ready for aftershocks

    Aftershocks can follow the main earthquake, so remain cautions. Check for injuries and administer first aid if necessary.

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