Say bye to your phones: UNRAVEL 7 benefits of digital detox

2024/05/25 11:38:48 IST

Reduce stress

    Bid adieu to your favourite devices for a brief period and see how magically you will be able to reduce stress, anxiety and tension. As soon as you open your devices, the notifications, emails, and messages flood your device, making you anxious. So restart, relax and refresh yourself by taking a break.

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Mental clarity

    Taking a detox will allow you to give attention to things you would otherwise be not able to pursue. You might pursue your passion and do things that make you happy like spending time with your pet, solving a quiz, or playing your favourite indoor game. Instead of doing multi-tasking with your mind scattered at different places, you can simply focus on one and do it perfectly.

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Fosters relationships

    It will help you strengthen your relationships with friends, family and relatives. Reconnect with them, share your feelings, listen to their stories and spend quality time together. This would not only make your people happy but will also elevate your mood and energy.

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Recharge yourself

    Practising a detox will help you recharge yourself. You can get back to your work stronger, sharper, and smarter with a better understanding and willingness to adapt to changing scenarios with a calm and composed mind.

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Improved sleep

    Digital activeness can hugely impact your melatonin production (sleep hormone). This would further impact your sleep schedule, leaving you restless and without quality sleep. Have a no-phone policy before and after you hit the bed. Avoid screen time after a certain fixed period.

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Feel happier

    Spending excessive time on social media platforms has made us dull, inactive and anti-social beings with no physical interactions with people around us. Do not be a socially isolated being and have more conversations with REAL humans to relax your mood, know their experiences and enhance your knowledge.

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Boost your physical health

    Distracting elements of our devices have trapped our minds, largely impacting our physical well-being. Hunching forward and leaning over the desk, viewing the screen time unremittingly impacts physical health. So a tech-free period where you can give your body a break is much needed.

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