What Is Difference Between Expiry Date And Best Before Date?

Best Before Date

    This signifies the date until which the food will be at its peak quality in terms of taste, texture, aroma, and nutrient content.

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Keeps flavors intact

    After Best Before Date, the food may not be as fresh or flavorful, but it doesnt necessarily mean its unsafe to eat. You can use your senses (sight, smell, taste) to judge if the food is still good after the best before date.

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Expiry Date

    This is a stricter indicator, signifying the last date by which the food is considered safe to consume.

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Don’t consume

    Food can spoil or become contaminated after this date, potentially causing foodborne illness.

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Safety Marker

    Dont consume food past its expiry date. In essence, a best before date is a quality guideline, while an expiry date is a safety marker.

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    Theres also a Use By date, which applies to highly perishable items like fresh meat or fish. Consume these items by that particular date for safety reasons.

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