7 amazing facts about India's youngest Chief Minister, Pema Khandu

2024/06/03 12:33:57 IST

Who is Pema Khandu?

    The BJP has returned to power in Arunachal Pradesh for the third time in a row, winning 46 out of 60 members- assembly. This phenomenal victory of the party has been attributed to the untiring efforts of strategist Pema Khandu who had brought BJP to power for the first time. He embarked on a political journey by joining Congress in 2000s.

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Early life and education

    He was born in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh on August 21, 1979. Before entering the political arena, he was a businessman and had also served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from the Mukto Constituency of his hometown. He had graduated from Delhis prestigious Hindu College.

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Political Odessey

    A sports lover and music aficionado, Pema Khandu joined in politics after he witnessed the personal tragedy of his fathers demise, former chief minister, Dorjee Khandu, in a helicopter crash. He went on to become the youngest chief minister in the country. He has kept changing his political affiliations, which began with Congress, later to the Peoples Party of Arunachal and then with the BJP in December 2016.

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His accomplishments as Arunachal Pradesh's CM

    Pema Khandu has been among those CMs whose actions spoke louder than words. His remarkable works included the development of the airport, a boost in tourism through local festivals a push for hydropower projects, and schemes aimed at residents welfare facilitating its growth on various fronts.

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Practises Buddhism

    By religion, Khandu is a Buddhist. He is from a group of indigenous people called the Monpa tribe, who are mostly found in the Tawang area of Arunachal Pradesh, India. The Monpas are renowned for their elaborate ceremonies, colourful festivals, and ancient dance forms that are a part of their rich cultural legacy.

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Avid sports lover

    Being an avid sports lover, Khandu has not only promoted sports in his state. He is also fond of sports including football, cricket, badminton and volleyball. He has also dedicated Dorjee Khandu Memorial Stadium in Don Bosco College

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Soft-spoken, social activist and travelholic

    Soft-spoken and a world traveller, Mr. Khandu has been to Bhutan, Japan, Thailand, Macau, Sri Lanka, the United States, Canada, and South Africa. He is also connected to many socio-cultural organizations, serving as chairman of the Bodhi Language & Literature Promotional Society.

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