Amit Shah's deepfake causes mayhem! 5 ways how you can spot them

Amit Shah deepfake

    Recently, a video of Amit Shah was widely circulated on various social media platforms, Shah is seen adressing a rally in Telangana and saying that if BJP forms government then they will end the SC, ST and OBC reservation. Deepfake videos are the ones which have been altered and here are some ways to spot it.

Credit: Pinterest/Freepik

Lip Sync error

    Sometimes, the audio might not sync perfectly with the lip movements, or there might be glitches in the voice.

Credit: Pinterest/Stylecraze

Blurry or misaligned edges

    Pay attention to blurry edges around the face or body, or noticeable artefacts that appear out of place.

Credit: Pinterest/Stylecraze

Source verification

    Always try to verify the source of the video or image. Check multiple reliable sources or look for corroborating evidence.

Credit: Pinterest/Spiceworks

Contextual anomalies

    Assess the context of the video. Does it seem plausible? Is there anything in the background or actions that seem out of place?

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Inconsistencies in facial expressions

    Watch for inconsistencies in facial features, unnatural movements or irregularities in the background.

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