From cooking to heart attack: India's most hilarious robberies

Heart Attack

    In a strange turn of events in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, a thief suffered a heart attack. The reason? He discovered that the money he had stolen was more than he expected, and the excitement proved overwhelming for him.

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Phone features

    Losing a stolen phone usually means little hope of getting it back. However, in Bengal, someone who had their phone stolen turned out to be very fortunate or perhaps the theif was unfortunate.

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Sleep is important

    A tired thief, thinking he deserved a nap after stealing gold, made a mistake as the police caught him along with the stolen items. This incident happened in Tamil Nadu.

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Cat crosses path

    Many of us have heard various superstitions while growing up, like turning around if a black cat crosses your path or not going out if you sneeze once. However, this robber took it to the extreme by deciding to only commit robberies on Tuesday afternoons.

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God idols

    In this, thieves returned 14 idols citing scary dreams in Uttar Pradesh. Originally taking 16 idols, they brought back 14 in an unusual turn of events.

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    A man who stole a van was caught when it stalled, and two guys he asked for help happened to be undercover police officers.

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    In a strange turn of events, a burglar who had broken into a house to steal decided to pause in the middle. He took a break to cook Khichdi. This incident was one of the hilarious robberies.

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