From Grandfather's Pledge to Legal Bond: Pune Teen's 7 Bail Terms After Porsche Accident

2024/05/22 17:03:14 IST

1. Parental Obligation

    It is imperative for the parents to oversee the minors behavior and take preventive measures to ensure he refrains from engaging in similar offenses in the future.

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2. RTO Educational Visit

    The minor is mandated to undertake a visit to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to familiarize himself with all traffic laws and regulations. Additionally, he is required to prepare a presentation on these regulations, which must be submitted to the Juvenile Justice Board within a stipulated period of 15 days.

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3. Essay Assignment

    As part of his rehabilitation, the minor is tasked with composing a 300-word essay highlighting the repercussions of road accidents and proposing plausible solutions.

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4. Traffic Regulation Training

    Under the supervision of an RTO officer, the minor will undergo a 15-day training session to study traffic regulations diligently. Subsequently, he is expected to compile a comprehensive report detailing his learning experience, to be presented to the Juvenile Justice Board.

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5. De-addiction Counseling

    The minor has been referred to Muktagan for professional de-addiction counseling. A detailed report of his counseling sessions must be submitted to the Juvenile Justice Board as part of his rehabilitation process.

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6. Medical Assessment

    Within a timeframe of 15 days, the minor is required to undergo consultations with psychology and psychiatry specialists at Sasson Hospital, Pune. The findings of these consultations should be documented and submitted to the Juvenile Justice Board for review.

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7. Grandfather's Commitment

    Following assurances from the minors grandfather regarding his supervision and educational pursuits, the Juvenile Justice Board granted bail. The grandfather pledged to ensure the minors compliance with all court-mandated conditions. The bail order, issued by the principal magistrate and members of the Juvenile Justice Board in Pune, was finalized on May 19, 2024.

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