Hindi Journalism Day 2024: Know about its rich legacy, pioneer, current scenario

2024/05/30 12:15:02 IST


    Every year, May 30 is celebrated as Hindi Journalism Day. The origins of this day go back to a time during the era of British rule when the Indian Media landscape was dominated by English, Bengali and Persian newspapers. To combat this Pt. Jugal Kishore launched Udant Martand, the first Hindi newspaper in India, on this day in 1986.

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About Udant Martand

    Udant Martand means News-Sun. Every Tuesday, this weekly publication—which was printed in book format (12 x 8)was released. The editor of this work utilized a hybrid form of both Braj and Khari Boli, which was named Madhyadeshiya Bhasha.

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About Pandit Jugal Kishore Shukla

    He was born in Kanpur. Shukla was a polyglot who spoke Bengali, English, Persian, and Sanskrit well. He began his legal career as a proceeding reader at Kanpurs Sadar Civil Court. Following this, he began working to develop the weekly Hindi newspaper, Udant Martand.

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Why did the first Hindi newspaper publication stop?

    Owing to financial difficulties, only 79 issues could be published before having to cease publication in December 1827, a year and a half later. The transportation cost incurred in transferring it to a Hindi-speaking belt through post proved to be expensive. The founder approached the government for a concession in postage but that was not provided.

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Current scenario

    Pandit Jugal Kishore spearheaded an important moment that marked the uprising of Hindi journalism in the nation. Now over 4424 Hindi dailies are published in the country according to RNIs 2021-2022 figure. Some of these include Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar, Hindustan, Amar Ujala, Rajasthan Patrika, Patrika, Navbharat Times and so on.

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About Hindi Journalism

    Journalism which is the fourth pillar of democracy, serves as a connecting bridge between the government and the masses. Hindi journalism, or vernacular journalism plays a crucial role in accessing information in language that resonates with individuals.

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