Ministeries held by PM Narendra Modi

2024/06/11 22:15:35 IST

Portfolios Assigned to Newly Elected Ministers

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who took oath for his third consecutive term along with his 71 ministers on Sunday, assigned portfolios to the newly appointed ministers in his cabinet on June 10.

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PM Modi's ministries

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also in-charge of these ministries.

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1. Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, and Pensions

    PM Narendra Modi oversees this ministry, which handles the policies and administrative reforms related to government personnel and public grievances.

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2. Department of Atomic Energy

    The Prime Minister is in charge of the Department of Atomic Energy, which manages Indias nuclear energy program and oversees atomic energy research and production.

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3. Department of Space

    PM Modi is also responsible for the Department of Space, which includes the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and governs space exploration and satellite launches.

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4. All Important Policy Issues

    The Prime Minister takes charge of all significant policy matters, ensuring comprehensive governance and strategic oversight.

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5. Unallocated Portfolios

    PM Modi manages all other portfolios not specifically assigned to any other minister, providing flexibility and control over diverse administrative areas.

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