PM Modi criticizes SC's decision on Electoral Bonds; 6 points why he is WRONG!

2024/04/16 19:55:30 IST

Evaluation of Political Funding Cleanliness

    Did the electoral bonds scheme truly achieve transparency and accountability in political funding, as asserted by Prime Minister Modi?

1. DLF Gets 'Clean Chit' Amid Political Donations

    DLF, having donated Rs 170 crore to the BJP, reportedly received a clean chit in the Vadra deal from the Haryana government.

2. Aditya Birla Group's Contributions Amid Vodafone Idea Bailout

    The Aditya Birla Group contributed Rs 100 crore to the BJP merely two months before the governments bailout of Vodafone Idea.

3. BJP Donations Linked to Accused in Liquor Scam

    Firms associated with a businessman accused in a Rs 100-crore Delhi liquor scam allegedly contributed Rs 55 crore to the BJP through electoral bonds.

4. Political Contributions by Companies Failing Drug Tests

    Seven companies that failed drug quality tests were found to have made donations to political parties through electoral bonds.

5. Electoral Bonds and Central Agency Raids

    Following raids by central agencies, 21 companies purchased electoral bonds, including individuals such as Parth MN, Neel Madhav, and Ragamalika Karthikeyan.

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6. Reliance-linked Contributions to BJP

    Entities linked to Reliance contributed a significant Rs 545 crore to the BJP through electoral bonds, raising questions about corporate influence in politics.

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