Poll recap: 7 Political scandals that shook landscape of 2024

Election Interference Allegations

    Accusations of foreign interference and electoral manipulation surfaced, causing uproar and debate within political circles.

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Corruption Scandals

    Several high-profile corruption scandals rocked the political landscape, leading to investigations and public outcry over the misuse of power and taxpayer funds.

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Leadership Resignations

    Resignations and dismissals of prominent political figures due to ethical lapses or policy disagreements sparked controversy and speculation about the future direction of political parties.

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Constitutional Amendments

    Proposed changes to the constitution ignited fierce debates over issues such as citizenship rights, federalism, and the balance of power between branches of government.

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Social Media Regulation

    Calls for increased regulation of social media platforms intensified, with concerns raised about misinformation, hate speech, and political bias influencing public discourse and elections.

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Electoral Reforms

    Debates over electoral reforms, including changes to voting systems, campaign finance laws, and gerrymandering, fueled tensions between political parties and advocacy groups seeking to reshape the electoral landscape.

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Foreign Policy Shifts

    Shifts in foreign policy priorities and diplomatic relations sparked controversy and division, with critics accusing the government of prioritizing geopolitical interests over human rights and international cooperation.

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