Rumors or Truth: Will Hyderabad Turn into Union Territory?

2024/04/30 18:26:03 IST

Hyderabad to become Union Territory?

    KTR, son of KCR, hinted at Hyderabad possibly becoming a Union Territory (UT) during Lok Sabha election campaigning.

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Electoral Conditions for UT Status

    KTR stated that electing at least 12 BRS MPs to Parliament is necessary to prevent Hyderabad from becoming a UT.

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Historical Context

    The idea of making Hyderabad a UT has been discussed previously, including during the Telangana agitation and proposals by Andhras

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Challenges in UT Status

    Making Hyderabad a UT would face challenges if parties like BRS or Congress were in power in Telangana.

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Potential Scenario under BJP Government

    A BJP government in Telangana could facilitate Hyderabad becoming a UT, possibly as Indias second capital.

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Political Strategy

    This move could strengthen BJPs presence in South India and address concerns regarding regional political influences.

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Public Perception

    The proposal might be more acceptable if framed as Hyderabad becoming the nations second capital rather than solely a UT.

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Expected Timeline

    The process could initiate once a BJP government is established in Telangana.

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