What is STRIDHAN, why is it vital for women's rights?

2024/04/26 19:21:11 IST

Definition of Stridhan

    Stridhan refers to gifts, jewelry, or items given to a woman by her parents or the grooms side during or after marriage, which exclusively belong to her and does not constitute dowry.

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Difference from Dowry

    While dowry includes cash or goods given to the grooms side, Stridhan comprises gifts given directly to the woman, including jewelry and other valuables, over which she retains full rights.

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Rights of Women on Stridhan

    Women have complete ownership and control over their Stridhan, including the right to possess, store, and use it as they wish. They also have the right to take it with them if they leave their marital home.

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Protection Measures

    Women can safeguard their Stridhan by maintaining a detailed list of items, storing them securely, and not relinquishing control to anyone they dont trust. They should assert their rights and report any harassment to the police.

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Legal Recourse

    Women can seek legal recourse under various acts, including the Domestic Violence Act of 2005, Hindu Succession Act of 1956, and relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code, if their Stridhan is unlawfully withheld.

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Awareness Campaign

    Awareness among women about their rights regarding Stridhan should be organized, empowering them to assert their rights and seek legal remedies if necessary.

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Ownership Rights

    Women should understand that Stridhan is their exclusive property, and no one can deprive them of their rights over it. They have legal provisions to demand the return of their Stridhan if unlawfully withheld.

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