7 sportsperson who were brutally murdered

Lloyd Seay

    Carl D. Lloyd Seay was a professional and early stock car racing driver who was from Georgia. He was described as the best pure race driver during his time. However, his life was cut short after he was shot dead by his cousin.

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Mitsuhiro Momota

    He was famously known as Rikidozan, Mitsuhiro was a Korean-born Japanese wrestler. He used to compete in sumo and professional wrestling. He was stabbed in the abdomen.

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Dino Bravo

    Adolfo Bresciano who was famously known as Dino Bravo was a professional Italian Canadian wrestler and promoter. He was a serial winner in wrestling before he retired in 1992. However, Dino was found dead with 11 bullets in his head.

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Sean Taylor

    Sean Michael Maurice Taylor was a professional American footballer player. Sean was a highly-rated player in the NFL before he was murdered. He was shot in the upper leg by an intruder leading to extensive blood loss through the femoral artery.

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Greg Halman

    Gregory Anthony Halman was a professional Dutch baseball outfielder who played for the Seattle Mariners of Major League Baseball. He was stabbed and died after losing blood from a laceration to his carotid artery in Rotterdam.

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Will Smith

    Will Smith was a professional American football player who was a defender for the New Orleans Saint team. The driver of the other vehicle brandished a shotgun and shot at Will Smith multiple times killing him on the spot.

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Denis Ten

    Denis Yurievich Ten was a professional Kazakhstani figure skater. He was a serial winner as he won the 2014 Olympic bronze medal. He was stabbed in the thigh and lost several liters of blood.

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