7 Exceptional features of META-BAN Multimodal smart glasses that will BLOW your mind

2024/05/27 16:20:29 IST

About this extraordinary technology

    The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses have an ultra-wide 12 MP camera and integrated audio, among many other technological features. Additionally, Meta AI, an intelligent assistant that supports you in creating, connecting with the people and things you care about, and getting things done, is available in the US and Canada.

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Awesome audio

    The audio on the glasses is perfect for taking calls on the go, listening to your favorite podcasts, or rejuvenating yourself with your favorite playlist.

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First All in on Al-powered Hardware

    These are truly iconic and help you interact easily with your AI assistant making it one of the best hands-free hardware with a smart AI assistant.

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Capture HD photos

    You can capture high-quality photos and videos with the ultra-wide 12 MP camera without using your hands. You can even share photos with friends and family from your glasses with a simple command to the AI.

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    With these amazing sunglasses, you can translate anything that you watch. That means you can do more with your glasses because now they can see what you see. The smart glass will use its built-in camera and Meta AI to translate text.

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Sending messages

    Tell Meta, Hey Meta, send a message to... and its done. You can send messages in just seconds without any trouble using your fingers to type them.

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Live stream what you are watching

    An amazing feature for social media influencers! You can livestream whatever you watch hands-free and share with your followers effortlessly.

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