All about 'Magic Voice App' that turned out to be horrific for DALIT girls in Madhya Pradesh

2024/05/28 12:21:47 IST

What is Magic voice app?

    An application that has been downloaded by over 165,000 individuals worldwide is a voice changer and recorder app. With just one touch, you may transform any recorded voice into the voice of an entirely other individual.

Credit: Google play store

Who developed this app?

    This has been developed by Android developer working since 2017 known as BNG MOBILE. There are four apps in the app portfolio right now with their MagicCall - Voice Changer App being one of the most downloaded apps in the Android ecosystem.

Credit: BNG website

Can share recorded voice

    It allows you to arrange the voice indefinitely by changing its pitch and pace. You can share and save the voice that has been generated with anyone.

Credit: Google play store

Elevate your voice

    With the help of this app, you may record your voice and alter its pitch by adding effects and filters to make it sound deeper or higher. The ability to apply, erase, and experiment with multiple filters from the same recording without having to rerecord it is one of its finest features.

Credit: Google play store

Multiple uses

    By using this app you can make fun calls, prank your friends, and surprise your friends on call. MagicCall lets you change your voice during phone calls in real-time. You may want to call in a female voice, or the voice of a male, a kid, this app allows you to do the unexpected.

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Background effect

    The app comes with inbuilt background sounds that you can use. You might use its traffic noise or birthday song effect to generate a real time made up environment.

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Why in news?

    Recently seven minor tribal girls from Madhya Pradeshs Sidhi became victims of the heinous act of four men who exploited a mobile app called Magic App to lure them. The four accused used the app to impersonate women teacher and trapped the girls in their vicious clutch under the false pretext of offering scholarships.

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How did the accuse know about app?

    The accused got information about other girls after grabbing the first victims phone from where he stole contact information. During call, he changed his voice using this app he had learned about on YouTube and presented himself as Ranjana madam.

Credit: Freepik

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