From Hidden Stories To Cutouts: Instagram’s New Features

New features

    Instagram has revealed four new features that will help the users to create stories and will provide them more creative options on the social media platform.

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Hidden Story

    In one of the new creative options, the users will be able to post the hidden story on their timeline, which only the people who follow you can uncover by sending you DM.

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    Another feature is Cutout that will allow the user to use photos or videos from their gallery and customize them with stickers for the stories and reels.

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Add your music

    Add Your Music is another new feature that will enhance the user experience. With this, the Instagram user will be able to add music to their stories that fits with the mood with followers. In addition to it, they will also be able to add their own music.

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    This feature will allow the user to add photo frame using virtual Polaroid, which will be revealed by shaking the handset. The feature has been added to reveal for sharing a throwback post.


    This feature allows a user to pickup an object from a photograph or video, similar to Apples image cutout.

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