Protect Teenager from Cyber Abuse: Instagram Features That May Help

Private Accounts

    By default, teens under 16 (or 18 in some regions) have private accounts. This means only approved followers can see their posts and stories. Teens can choose to keep their accounts private even if theyre older.

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Restricted Accounts

    This allows teens to control who can comment on their posts and who can see them in search results.

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Safety Notices

    Instagram is developing features to show warnings to teens when they interact with adults who might be suspicious.

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Sensitive Content Control

    This feature allows teens (and parents) to limit exposure to potentially upsetting content.

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Comment Controls

    Teens can choose who can comment on their posts (everyone, followers only, or people they follow back) and even filter out specific words or phrases.

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Take a Break Reminders

    Instagram can prompt teens to take breaks from the app after a certain amount of scrolling time.

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Family Center

    This allows parents/guardians to see how much time their teen spends on Instagram, set time limits, and see who they follow and are followed by (requires teens permission).


    Open communication is key. Encourage your teen to talk to you if they encounter any abusive or inappropriate behavior.

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