5 career options you can pursue if you could not crack JEE MAINS

2024/04/26 20:53:15 IST

Look for new beginnings

    Lakhs of students prepare and appear, but not all get what they want. It is okay if you are among the ones who could not get through. The sun will shine again.

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The alternatives

    It is not the end of your career, and opportunities await your presence. Here are some different career options you can pursue.

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    Have an interest in science and not just engineering, you can look out for careers in pure science. Physics, chemistry, or mathematics can be pursued with a B.Sc degree.

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    A B.Sc degree can be explored in computer science if you wanted to study CS engineering.

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Business Studies

    If you have already made the decision to do an MBA afterwards , you can start by pursuing a BBA instead of a B.Tech. MBA can be pursued after that too.

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Vocational Studies

    Keep exploring if a drop-year is not an option for you. Vocational courses and training should be considered.

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Arts Approach

    Took science and engineering because of family or peer pressure? Question yourself, break the barriers, and look out for a skilled and artistic career.

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