7 Dangerous Tech Gadgets You Can Find on Amazon

2024/05/26 17:37:58 IST

1. Deauther Watch

    The Deauther Watch, available on Amazon, is a small wearable device capable of disrupting Wi-Fi networks by sending deauthentication packets, posing a potential threat to network security and privacy.

Credit: Amazon.com

2. License Plate Hider

    Amazon offers a License Plate Hider, a gadget designed to obscure license plates with the push of a button, raising concerns about its potential misuse for evading law enforcement or surveillance systems.

Credit: Amazon.com

3. High Powered Laser

    High Powered Lasers, sold on Amazon, are handheld devices capable of emitting powerful laser beams, posing serious safety risks including eye damage and potential hazards to aircraft and vehicles.

Credit: Amazon.com

4. Spy Glasses

    Spy Glasses available on Amazon are covert recording devices disguised as ordinary eyewear, raising ethical and privacy concerns due to their potential for secretive surveillance and invasion of privacy.

Credit: Amazon.com

5. GSM Jammer

    Amazon offers GSM Jammers, devices designed to block cell phone signals, potentially disrupting communication in emergency situations or violating legal regulations regarding telecommunications.

Credit: Amazon.com

6. Flipper Zero

    The Flipper Zero, available on Amazon, is a versatile hacking tool capable of emulating various RFID cards, posing security risks by potentially allowing unauthorized access to secure areas or systems.

Credit: Amazon.com

7. WiPhone

    WiPhone, sold on Amazon, is a smartphone-like device capable of making calls and running various applications, potentially posing security risks due to its open-source nature and potential vulnerabilities in its software.

Credit: WiPhone.com

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