7 European Nations With Highest Share Of Muslim Population

2024/04/28 15:50:25 IST

7. Georgia (10.7%)

    Georgia has a modest yet notable Muslim presence, with around 10% of its population adhering to Islam.

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6. Bulgaria (13.7%)

    Bulgarias Muslim population, although relatively smaller compared to other European countries, still makes up a significant proportion of its society.

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5. Montenegro (18.7%)

    Montenegro has a smaller but notable Muslim community, comprising nearly 20% of its populace.

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4. Republic of Macedonia (39.3%)

    Macedonia has a significant Muslim minority, representing around 40% of its population.

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3. Bosnia-Herzegovina (45.2%)

    Bosnia-Herzegovina has a substantial Muslim population, making up nearly half of its total inhabitants.

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2. Albania (80.3%)

    Albania follows Kosovo closely in terms of its Muslim population share, with more than 80% of its people identifying as Muslims.

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1. Kosovo (93.8%)

    Kosovo has the highest percentage of Muslims among European countries, with over 90% of its population adhering to Islam.

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