7 Unknown facts around Shanidev, Hinduism

2024/04/27 20:43:57 IST

Shanidev always BLACK

    Suryadevs wife once maintained distance from him and went back home. She left a clone named Chaaya, and one of the kids born from her was Shanidev. Therefore, he is always black in color.

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Hanuman Pooja

    A devotee of Hanuman gets less trouble from Shanidev. Every household prays to Hanuman to protect them from Shani ka Prakop.

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The Saade Saati

    One gets affected by Shanidev for 7.5 years in life, which is divided into 3 sections of 2.5 years affecting the body.

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Rainbow Phenomenon

    Suryadev has 7 horses in his chariot for a reason, and that is 7 colors coming out of rays from the sun, later to be known as the Rainbow.

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Galaxy and Solar System

    Hinduism had knowledge about the Milky Way Galaxy as Akashganga and the Solar System as Sauryamandal. Navgraha, or Nine Planets, pooja is done for the peace of a family or individual. The planets are connected with birth and death too.

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Roundness of Earth

    The name of geography is Bhugol, from a very long period, which means land round when translated, clearly specifying the fact mentioned.

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Distance of Sun

    The distance between Sun and Earth was specified by Tulsidas in Hanuman Chalisa. The line to be mentioned is Yug Sahastra Yojan Par Bhanu. When Yug Sahastra Yojan units are multiplied, one gets 15 crore km as the distance

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