Bomb Threat: 5 Things You Should Do In First

Take the threat seriously

    Even if you suspect its a hoax, its crucial to treat it seriously until authorities determine otherwise.

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Call the police immediately

    Dial the Ghaziabad police emergency number 100 and report the threat. Provide them with all the details you have, including the time of the threat, how it was received (e.g., call, email, note), and the exact wording of the threat if possible.

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Evacuate the area calmly

    If you are in a building, follow the instructions of building security or authorities on evacuation procedures. Remain calm and avoid causing panic.

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Do not touch or move suspicious objects

    If you see anything suspicious that might be a bomb, do not touch it or move it. Report it to the authorities immediately.

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Assist with evacuation if possible

    If its safe to do so and you have the training, you can assist with evacuating others, especially those who may need help.

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    The most important thing is to ensure everyones safety. Stay calm, follow instructions, and evacuate the area quickly.

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