Global IQ Rankings: Check Where India Stands

2024/05/01 17:59:21 IST

8. Finland

    Renowned for its education system that prioritizes critical thinking and creativity, Finland maintains an average IQ of 101.2, showcasing a well-rounded intellectual environment.

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7. Belarus

    With an average IQ of 101.6, Belaruss investment in education and scientific research plays a role in its above-average intelligence levels.

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6. South Korea

    Known for its rigorous education system and focus on STEM fields, South Korea boasts an average IQ of 102.3, indicating high cognitive abilities among its population.

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5. China

    Chinas rapid advancements in technology and education are reflected in its average IQ of 104.1, showcasing the countrys intellectual prowess.

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4. Hong Kong

    With an average IQ of 105.34, Hong Kongs blend of Eastern and Western influences in education and innovation contributes to its intelligence quotient.

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3. Singapore

    Known for its highly competitive education system, Singapore maintains a high average IQ of 105.9, reflecting its commitment to intellectual development.

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2. Taiwan

    Close behind Japan, Taiwans focus on education and technological advancements reflects in its average IQ of 106.47.

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1. Japan

    Leading with an average IQ of 106.48, Japans education system and cultural emphasis on diligence contribute to its high intelligence quotient.

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India stands at 143th spot

    Despite its vast population and diversity, Indias average IQ of 76.2 indicates challenges in educational access and quality across the country.

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